Vanishing Series

American artist Scott Musgrove is creating a series of paintings that show how quickly some of earth’s most endangered species are vanishing. 


Oil on Canvas 50" x 40" No. 1 - Vanishing series
Oil on Canvas 50″ x 40″
No. 1 – Vanishing series

For the first piece in the Vanishing series, he painted a portrait of “Nola”, a Northern White Rhino. When she died in the fall of 2015, she was only one of 4 remaining members of her species. The Northern White Rhino IS headed for extinction.


The painting has a sensor embedded in the frame. If a person gets too close to Nola, it triggers the sensor and the painting ‘disappears’. If the person backs off or is patient and remains still, the painting will reappear.

The glass over the painting is called switchable glass or smart glass. When it has a current running through it, the glass is clear. But when the power is interrupted, the glass turns an opaque white. 

Imagine an entire gallery filled with endangered species, disappearing right before your eyes.

We will be releasing a print of this image to help benefit a wildlife conservation organization in the coming months.

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