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Nola - Print

“Nola” – Northern White Rhino – Print


16” x 13” Giclee on Fine Art Paper – Signed by the artist


Product Description

This is a portrait of “Nola”, a Northern White Rhino who died in late 2015. When she died, she was only one of 4 remaining members of her species. Which means the Northern White Rhino is headed for extinction. However, there are other species of Rhino on the brink who can still be helped. We will be donating $25 from each print sold to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in hopes of aiding their efforts to save these animals.

16” x 13” Giclee on Fine Art Paper – Signed by the artist
$100  —  ($25 of each print sold goes to charity)

About The Original Painting

This print is from my 50″ x 40″ oil painting of Nola. The painting has a motion sensor embedded in its frame. If a person gets too close to Nola, the sensor is triggered and cuts the power to the ‘smart glass’ in the frame. This glass is clear when it has a current running through it, but if the power is cut it turns white and obscures the painting. Nola disappears. Hopefully the viewer feels the immediate effect they have on the animal they are approaching. If the viewer retreats or stay still, the painting will reappear.

I wanted to show the effect of humans on some of these endangered animals to help illustrate how quickly so many species are vanishing.